Suffering From Neck Pain in Lake Elmo?

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If you are experiencing neck pain, you may have some idea of what is causing it, but it’s possible to be unsure of the cause of the discomfort. In either case, chances are it is a good idea to see a chiropractor in Lake Elmo both to understand why you are feeling this pain and to get the treatment you need to relieve any associated pain.

At Kary Chiropractor, we can assess your pain and offer a variety of neck pain treatment options that can lessen your immediate pain as well as help you find ways to avoid feeling neck pain in the future.

Common Sources of Neck Pain in Lake Elmo

  • Neck Strain -If you have spent a lot of time with your neck turned to the side, you may experience neck strain.
  • Poor Posture/Sleep Positioning - Having poor posture while you are sitting or standing, or sleeping with a pillow that does not provide you with the support you need can have you waking up with neck pain.
  • Whiplash - This is a common injury suffered by people who have been in a car accident where there has been a sudden impact causing your head to move back and forth in a quick jerky motion. You may not feel pain right away, but it is important to see a chiropractor in order to identify and minimize the injury,
  • Herniated Disc - Several discs are in between each vertebra of your spine that is there to provide cushion and shock absorption as you move. Each disc has a soft gel-like inner core and a fibrous shell. When the core material breaks outside, this is a herniated disc. This not only reduces the amount of shock absorption but can also aggravate surrounding nerves, which can intensify pain and discomfort.
  • Pinched Nerve - While herniated discs are one possibility of why a nerve just outside your spine may be pinched, this condition can also be caused by conditions such as arthritis. Treatment revolves around taking the pressure off the nerve.
  • Degenerative Disc Disease - The protective gel inside a spinal disc can disintegrate over time due to aging or wear and tear.
  • Fibromyalgia - The cause of fibromyalgia can be difficult to pinpoint, but many have achieved relief from neck pain and other pain related to this condition through special gentle techniques. If you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, you should let your chiropractor know so they can adjust their treatment accordingly.

Getting Treatment from Your Chiropractor

If you are experiencing neck pain for any of these reasons, there is a good chance our chiropractor in Lake Elmo can help. When you come in, we take the time to assess your medical history and make sure that you don't have signs of injuries or illnesses that require further attention from your physician. We employ techniques for neck pain treatment, such as spinal adjustment, massage, and therapeutic exercises to reduce immediate pain as well as strengthen muscles to lessen future discomfort. We will create a personalized treatment program with you to fit your unique situation. To learn more or to schedule an appointment contact us at (651) 731-1880.


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