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At Kary Chiropractic, our team has dedicated extensive hours honing and mastering our skills of injury treatment and prevention in Lake Elmo. Our goal is to help our patients achieve lasting pain relief from their acute or chronic injury. To this end, were are proud to provide a range of injury rehabilitation services so that our community members can return to their active lifestyles with less pain and a decreased risk for re-injury.

Services We Provide For Injury Rehabilitation in Lake Elmo

Injury rehabilitation and physiotherapy rely on a careful evaluation of a person's impairments, their medical history, and their unique risk factors that contributed to their injury in the first place. Since the goal is to address symptoms, provide pain relief, and prevent recurring or chronic problems, Dr. Kary will likely employ a range of techniques to help you heal from an injury. These techniques and services include:

  • Muscle Release Therapy: this type of "massage plus movement" relax injured tissues while gently increasing the range of motion and local blood flow for faster healing
  • Corrective Exercise Protocols: individually instructed and implemented in order to reduce inflammation and swelling, speed tissue repair, and restore normal range of motion, strength, endurance, and coordination; we also create home exercise programs so you're empowered to help your body heal at home
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation: this non-invasive modality blocks pain signals and helps you start feeling better right away
  • Acupuncture: This traditional healing method launches an array of biological healing effects thanks to the insertion of thin sterile needles into the skin
  • Massage, Recovery Massage, and Trigger Point Therapy: scar tissue and fascia adhesions impair movement and contribute to pain and injury; our various techniques help you recover and relax for greater health in body and mind
  • Injury Prevention: in addition to exercises and our other services, a major part of injury prevention is through movement analysis and lifestyle assessment to identify and resolve "hidden contributors" to injuries, such as poor work ergonomics, postural imbalances and weaknesses, impaired sleep habits, poor phone posture, and more

Who Can Benefit From Injury Rehabilitation With Kary Chiropractic

Injuries can befall us at any moment. We see many injury rehabilitation patients who have experienced an injury at work, during sports, in an auto accident, or in some other personal injury event.

Our injury rehabilitation services are comprehensive and custom to your needs, making them safe and effective for people of all ages!

Do You Need Help Recovering From an Injury?

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